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Program & Information 当日全体プログラム&ご案内

① B3 Corporation Mr.Hideo Takeshita
   「Latest market trend of LIB

②  EcoPro(Korea) Mr.Jay-Yang
   「Save the Planet – We Build Battery Circulation Economy

③ AESC Group Mr.Hiroyuki Akashi
   「New Technologies Trend and Future Prospects of Automotive Lithium-Ion Batteries for a Future Sustainable Society」
   ※No downloadable materials available

④  Prof. Masayoshi Yamamoto, Nagoya University
   「Technical Trend of Integration System between Compound Power Semiconductor Devices and High Voltage Battery for Automotive Applications 」
   ※No downloadable materials available

⑤ China Automotive Technology & Research Center Co., Ltd.(China) Mr.Song Hu
   「China’s NEV battery recycling management mode and industry development

⑥  SMM Information & Technology Co., Ltd(China) Ms.Evelyn CHEN​
   「The Global EV Battery Market: A Comprehensive Overview and Business Opportunities Under the Influence of IRA

⑦  rhomotion(the UK) Ms.Mina Ha
   「Global Black Mass Outlook & Cross-Border Expansion」
   ※No downloadable materials available

⑧  The Furukawa Battery Co., Ltd Mr.Jun Furukawa
   「Future prospects for lead-acid battery applications and technologies」(日本語版はこちら

⑨  Umicore Japan K.K. Mr.Yukinari Kondo
   「Umicore direction of cathode active material and value chain

⑩  Eramet International Mr.Antoine DE VEYRAC
   「Energizing Europe: Exploring the EV Battery Gigafactory Landscape

⑪  Jervois Finland Oy (Finland) Mr.Sami Kallioinen
   「 Jervois Finland and Sustainable Cobalt supply to battery Industry

⑫  COREMAX CORPORATION (Taiwan) Mr.Eugene Lawrence Ho
   「Key challenges of midstream battery material sector and how CoreMax Group plans to build a sustainable supply chain

Download deadline  ダウンロード期限 2024/3/29

The 9th Battery Summit in TOKYO to be held on Tuesday, February 27, 2024